At the foundation of our philosophy there is a strong respect for origins, both as a country and company. We aim towards innovation without ever forgetting the fundamental role that our tradition plays in the process of the creation of high quality products.


Classic Method

Born from the traditional or “Classic Method” it is a product that needs much care and attention, dedication and above all, a long time before becoming its finest.

In the Classic Method, foaming takes place in the bottle by adding carefully selected sugars and yeasts. The bottles must rest in a horizontal position in order for the yeast to mature, for up to 60 months.

The Classic Method results in a complex wine, which enhances the hints of yeast more than the grape, with a fine and persistent bubble, thanks to all of the time spent inside the bottle.


Martinotti Method

The so-called “Martinotti or Charmat Method” was invented at the end of the nineteenth century by Federico Martinotti, in which he introduced fermentation in large watertight containers. In about 1910 the Frenchman Eugène Charmat patented such equipment, after which it was therefore known around the world by the French name.

In this process the fermentation takes place in a temperature controlled pressurized autoclave for a short period of about 30 days to 6 months, during which the yeasts cause the sugar to transform into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The finished sparkling wine is then immediately bottled and ready to drink.

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