Roots and traditions


Our story starts in a sun-kissed location protected by hills, a place where the eye wanders among gentle slopes overlooking the sea.
It is here where the magic of our Made in Italy happens, called VieBulla. This together with the work of our expert oenologists, allows for simple grapes to be transformed into a prestigious sparkling wine.

High quality bubbly

The soul of VieBulla

VieBulla not only never forgets its origins or the traditions that make it so strong, it also takes those same values and reinvents them making them contemporary, therefore decisively thrusting itself into the world of sparking wines.

This is how the collection strictly linked to the Hotel and Catering Industry, conceived to satisfy even the most demanding and refined palate, was born.

From the bottling to the final packaging, our bubbly is handled with skill and wisdom. Every single tiny aspect of the making of VieBulla is carefully studied and meticulously followed by experts, respecting timing and process. Only in this way can we savor the perfect balance between style and craftsmanship.

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